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Face Recognition

based on Dynamic Link Matching


Initialize the nsl environment, and on the in the NSL  executive prompt:

  1. Change to the directory ...\model 3.0\wiskott
  2. Define the control file you wish to use:

There are the following .nsl control files :


`*'=                       |      `*'                                `P'arameters     `D'isplay



`'basic system        |                                          DLMP.nsl


`B'lob                    |      DLMB.nsl       DLMBP.nsl      DLMBD.nsl

`R'unning blob       |      DLMR.nsl       DLMRP.nsl      DLMRD.nsl

`S'ynchronization |         DLMS.nsl                    DLMSP.nsl      DLMSD.nsl

`M'atching             |      DLMM.nsl                   DLMMP.nsl     DLMMD.nsl

`G'allery                |      DLMG.nsl       DLMGP.nsl      DLMGD.nsl


`A'ttention             |      DLMA.nsl       DLMAP.nsl      DLMAD.nsl


The `P'-files contain only parameter definition commands; the

`D'-files contain only display window commands.  The `*'-files usually

contain only the three lines

            nsl create window_interface

            nsl load DLM*D

            nsl load DLM*P

where `*' stands for the capital letter given in the first column of the

table above.  Some of the `P'-files or `D'-files load another file, whose

name is given one line above in the table above, e.g. `DLMGP.nsl' loads

`DLMMP.nsl' and `DLMRD.nsl' loads `DLMBD.nsl'.  This induces a hierachy of


Load the file DLMA.nsl last, otherwise the attention mechanism will not be activated.

As an example:

1. Load the basic system : nsl load DLMP.nsl

  1. Load the blob:  nsl load DLMB.nsl  ( a screen should appear.)      
  2. Load the running blob: nsl load DLMR.nsl 
  3. Load a synchronization: nsl load DLMS.nsl  (two more windows will appear.)


  1. Load matching: nsl load DLMM.nsl      
  2. Load a gallery: nsl load DLMG.nsl  (three more windows will appear)


  1. The attention: nsl load DLMA.nsl.
  2. Finally type nsl run. The windows will start displaying the results.


For more detailed reference, check the file DLMreadme on the directory…model3.0\wiskott