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The Associative Search Network: Landmark Learning and Hill Climbing

-         Make sure you have installed correctly nsl-java version, and the nslj.jar file is included in your computerís classs path.

-         Open a MS-Dos command prompt window and locate yourself on the directory where the source code is. (Example: C:\Program Files\NSL3_0_n\nsl3_0\BasicBookModels\HillclimbModel-ch12\1_1_1\src )

-         Type:† nsl HillclimbTop and the nsl console window will appear.

-         Another window should also have appeared:

-         Do a train for the simulation (from the nsl executive: train ->train)

-         When the simulation ends, the window† will display the results of the simulation:

-         Itís possible to view an amplification on a window area by double clicking on it (example on area run )